I am taking to the road next week to draw attention to the nation’s health care crisis and the steps Congress can take to wrangle health care costs in America.

From March 17 through March 20, I will cover more than 1,100 miles, stopping in 10 Wyoming towns, to discuss my health care reform bill, “10 Steps to Transform Health Care in America,  That’s what my 10 step plan does, and that’s why I’ll be traveling all across the state next week -- to put a strong local and national focus on the country’s health care problem and the need for the Senate to enact real reform.

At each of the 10 stops, I will discuss the health care crisis in this country and my 10 Steps proposal to ensure that all Americans have access to affordable, quality health care.  I will then open the meeting to questions specifically relating to the plan from the audience, and I will be available to media at the conclusion of each stop.  I also plan to keep a blog of the trip that will be posted daily on my Web site.

I want to invite anyone who is concerned about the state of health care in Wyoming and the nation to come to one of my 10 Steps meetings. I’ll be breaking down my plan to overhaul health care in America, which includes ten things we can do right now to make health care more available and more affordable for just about everyone.  Any one of the steps would increase the number of people covered and bring down costs.  I look forward to sharing my plan with Wyoming at the 10 Steps meetings next week.

The “10 Steps to Transform Health Care in America