Now more than ever, families in Texas are feeling the strain of sky-rocketing gas prices, decreasing home values, and increasing health care costs piled high on the back of a slowing economy. The last thing they need is to pay more taxes. If the Democrats have their way, Texas families and small business owners will once again pick up the check for billions in new wasteful Washington spending. By allowing Republican tax relief, such as the repeal of the death tax and the marriage penalty to expire, Democrats are forcing an average $1,833 tax hike on 116 million taxpayers-the largest tax increase in American history.

As irresponsible as the enormous amount of unnecessary spending, the deliberate refusal to address the entitlement crisis is equally as irresponsible. It’s been said too many times without being heard-the Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid entitlement programs are quickly dying. Without immediate action by Congress, these programs will go belly-up in the next few decades, leaving millions of Americans without the Social Security and Medicare benefits they earned through years of hard work. The fact that Democrats foolishly ignore this issue is just another example of their fiscal irresponsibility.

Passing the Democrats’ budget will leave Americans with nothing but empty pockets and a crushed economy. You can bet that I will be working with Republicans and fiscally responsible Democrats to fight for a fiscally responsible budget resolution that balances the federal budget without raising taxes.