What has five years of war brought to America, the Middle East and the world? Thousands of deaths. A trillion in debt. A catastrophic failure of diplomacy. It has destroyed our nation’s fiscal soundness. And we will soon have borrowed $1 trillion, with the likely Republican nominee for President saying we may need to be in Iraq for another 100 years. We are nearing the tragic milestone of 4,000 American troop deaths. Thirty-thousand wounded, many gravely – amputations, blindness, hearing loss and untold thousands with head trauma, making life after war most difficult.

Responsibly redeploying our troops will enable us to refocus on other threats and challenges – counterterrorism, force training and protecting our assets. As the war in Iraq rages, bin Laden remains free and his terrorist network is gaining power worldwide. This legislation will shine the spotlight on this unmet challenge of fighting terrorism and keeping our country safe. Today, tomorrow, and beyond, we must seek common ground toward a new American foreign policy that strengthens our security, supports our troops and begins to restore our nation’s ability to lead once again.

Iraq – with untold wealth because of its oil supply – must take care of its own citizens. Americans need to take care of Americans.