My recent trip to Afghanistan was helpful in learning more about America’s role in fighting Islamic radicals. The servicemembers I met with reinforced my belief that our nation is committed to protecting the freedoms valued in a democracy.

It is imperative that Congress work to support our military service men and women. The readiness of our military and the Afghan forces is critical to securing and protecting the communities of the Afghan region. Our troops must be supplied with the means needed to complete their tasks at an exemplary level. They put themselves in harm’s way on a daily basis so that we can enjoy freedom at home. Their sacrifices are noble and they deserve the best possible support we can provide them.

The dedicated forces in Afghanistan understand that achieving security also means improving the quality of life in the region. These forces are working to reconstruct the area and restore vital services such as roads and electricity for residents. The infrastructure and economic development of Afghanistan is a major priority to our servicemen; they want to ensure that when the United States decreases its presence, the Afghan people will be able to survive on their own. Once these military strategies have been implemented and the Afghan forces believe that they have secured the area, United State troops will be able to return home.

Rest assured that I will continue to support our military men and women and see that they receive the aid needed to complete their jobs. These brave men and women defend the American people, and protect our freedom and security. For this we owe them all the support that we can give.