It matters nothing at all whether Fidel, Raul or any other thug is named head of anything in Cuba. What the people want is freedom to express their dissent from the oppressive regime. The community machinery is enslaving them so it does not matter who the thug of the moment will be.

The focus of international attention today is on the façade orchestrated by Fidel Castro, the Cuban Communist Party and the regime’s elite, with little if any emphasis being placed on the crimes committed by the dictatorship against the Cuban people and US. citizens.

We are fast approaching the grim 12 year anniversary of another action by the Cuban regime that clearly and unequivocally illustrates the callous nature of the Castro brothers.

On February 24, 1996, three US citizens and a US resident were murdered when the two civilian Brothers to the Rescue aircraft they were in were ambushed by Cuban MiG’s and shot down over international waters. No action has been taken against Fidel and Raul Castro for this attack.

Now that Fidel has formally stepped down as Head of State, it clears the path for immediate legal action to be taken by the US government. Therefore, I am asking the Attorney General and the Secretary of State to issue an indictment against Fidel Castro for his role in the death of Carlos Acosta, Armando Alejandre, Mario de la Peña and Pablo Morales on that fateful day almost 12 years ago. This is but the first step in bringing Fidel and other Cuban war criminals to justice.