I join Northern Californians and Americans across our nation in expressing my deepest objections to the Berkeley City Council’s declaration that U.S. Marines are not welcome in that city.

The Berkeley resolution reflects a stunning disregard for the millions of brave and selfless Americans serving in our armed forces who are devoting their lives to protecting our freedoms and keeping our nation secure. Regardless of how these city officials feel about current U.S. military operations, they should express appreciation for members of our armed forces rather than publicly calling for their departure out of the city. I hope they will explicitly and completely rescind their resolution by not only commending those serving in American uniform, but also making it clear that they are welcome in Berkeley.

Further, I strongly support efforts to strip the city of Berkeley of its federal earmarks and redirect these funds to the U.S. Marines. This action would send a clear message that local governments who feel it necessary to voice concerns about U.S. military operations should do so without insulting the men and women who are serving and sacrificing in these missions. Our soldiers, sailors, airmen, and Marines certainly deserve this basic level of respect and gratitude.