The United States Marine Corps is doing a service for the American public. The USMC along with other members of the military are defenses for our nation. They are an organization that is very honorable, and for the city of Berkeley to unilaterally turn on part of our national defense system is very shameful. In addition, to encourage those who would do ill will towards our marine corps by giving them parking spaces and encouraging them to obstruct recruiting is intolerable.

The city of Berkeley is making the statement that they do not want the government to protect them. If they do not want the marine corps in their town then they should not want our federal dollars. We should pull our federal dollars out of the city of Berkeley and reallocate the dollars to people who are doing good deeds for the United States.

I do not know when some people decided America was an evil nation in the world, but we are not. The members of the marine corps are good people whom I have had the honor of meeting in Iraq and Afghanistan. They are good American patriots who stand and die on our behalf, and the people of Berkeley ought to be ashamed of their government for doing this. If the city of Berkeley can express their disagreement with the marine corps, then I believe those of us who differ from their opinion should express ours as well.