The National Surface Transportation Policy and Revenue Study Commission’s recommendation for a massive gas tax hike at a time when people are paying through the nose at the pump is absolutely absurd. Their proposal would raise gas prices up to 40 cents per gallon within five years and as much as 91 cents in 20 years. Once again American taxpayers are expected to foot the bill for Washington’s addictive tax and spend habits.  Increasing gas taxes is not the answer to our transportation woes. Legislators need to work to spend current funds smarter on needed repairs and improvements.  Too much is wasted now on pet transportation projects, photo opportunities and pork barrel spending.

My STATE (Surface Transportation and Taxation Equity) Act actually returns primary responsibility for transportation and infrastructure projects back to the states without increasing taxes.  This would give states the ability to prioritize projects based on safety, traffic needs, and improved commerce instead of being subject to federal mandates and earmarks.  The STATE Act has received praise from the CATO Institute, Heritage Foundation, Americans for Prosperity, and National Taxpayers Union, as well as Secretary of Transportation Mary Peters.

It is my hope that Members of Congress from both sides of the aisle will also fight these tax hikes at the pump and work instead to spend transportation funds in a responsible manner that actually benefits the commuters on the road.