I have known Chris Dodd for 30-some years and share a special bond with him: we both served in the Peace Corps. For me, and I believe for Chris too, the Peace Corps was the most life-affirming experience we have ever had. It was there that we discovered how strong we could be as we faced daunting third-world environments. It was there that we learned how sensitive we are to the needs of people and how deep our desire to serve. It was there that we came to know that a life of service was our calling.

As I watch my friend Chris – now Senator Dodd – I realize that he has never wavered from that original Peace Corps mission. He is still dedicated to people and their basic needs. He wants to improve the condition of man. And he cares very, very deeply for preserving the face of America around the world as a beacon of democracy and justice.

Chris does this not for himself, but for the American people, the people he loves more dearly than himself. For Chris, it’s all about serving.

I can think of no one better suited to lead America. Chris Dodd is a man of principle, a man of the people, a man of the Peace Corps. That’s enough for me.