Despite the initial roadblocks, I will continue to pursue Senate passage of an immigration fix which would deny drivers licenses to illegal immigrants.

I believe the U.S. Senate has a responsibility to say where it stands on the issue of driver’s licenses for people who enter the country illegally.  I’m disappointed that some would rather not debate this important issue and are unwilling to test their position via a vote.  Opponents blocked the unanimous consent request to pass the bill.

Under my bill - S. 2334 - states must verify that each driver’s license applicant is in the U.S. legally. Noncompliant states would lose 10 percent of their federal transportation funds. The withheld funds would be redistributed to states that follow the law.

Frankly this is just a small bite of the growing immigration and national security problem as a whole, but it makes sense to fix those things that can be done right now.  In the absence of comprehensive legislation to secure our borders and homeland we can quickly secure glaring loopholes such as this.

Wyoming does not issue driver’s licenses to illegal immigrants. Furthermore, Wyoming and other compliant states could gain more highway dollars with the enactment of my bill.  I will continue pushing immigration legislation despite opponent roadblocks.