On Thursday, Governor Romney clearly articulated basic American truths. He reminded us all of our common history, moral heritage, and the fact that our rights come from God. He clearly and passionately defended freedom of religion in its original intent. This speech should be welcomed by all people of faith in America and I believe it will be. Mitt Romney defined what unites us as Christians and as Americans.

Doctrinal differences are significant throughout Christianity.  All denominations have debated the teachings of Jesus Christ for centuries.  What Mitt Romney did was place those differences in their proper context and emphasize what we, as Christians, all share.

The speech also recognized that Christians, non-Christians and non-believers have the same rights in America.   Free debate and expression of religious sentiment has been encouraged and supported.  The Sam Adams story about the idea that people of different doctrinal backgrounds agreeing they would hear a prayer by a person of character was profound.  We believe that our religious institutions build character. We should cherish and encourage an America filled with individuals of good character.

As to his Mormon faith, Governor Romney kept doctrine where it properly belongs; in the Churches.  Among those many Americans who are unfamiliar with the Mormon faith, there is great curiosity. If the speech encouraged those with questions to more thoroughly investigate Mormonism, then that is a good thing. If the speech on Thursday encouraged people of all religions to reflect upon their own faith, and thoughtfully seek to better live it, then that is also a good thing. As the founders knew, the inclusion of faith in American life is necessary to maintain our freedoms and if the speech reminded Americans of that truth, then he has accomplished a great thing.