The so-called energy bill that's being crafted in secret right now, if past bills in this Congress are any indication, will contain not a single watt of new energy - and worse, they'll actually seek to lock away the scarce resources we have available right now.

It's legislation that envisions a future in which American energy consumers are asked to stop consuming energy, while far-away, unstable countries continue to use theirs to leverage themselves into positions of strategic influence at our expense.

Make no mistake: the consequences of this 'no-energy' bill - whenever it's finally rolled out - will be broadly felt, and swiftly realized.

Every American who drives a car, heats a home, lights a room, or creates the products we need and the jobs we require will be impacted. And as those effects are being felt on an individual level, our nation's economy will continue to lose ground relative to our competitors around the world - some of whom are actually right now producing energy nearly within sight of the American coastline.