The CPSC and industry had a record number of recalls this year. Many of the recalls were for toys due to violations of the Federal Lead Paint Standard. Since the discovery of this problem, the industry has stepped up their testing of the toys and products they sell for children. This has lead to more discoveries of violations of the paint standard.

Under the legislation, independent testing will now be mandatory for children’s products and will require certification that they have passed the applicable federal safety standards.

This legislation will also remove unnecessary risks to children posed by lead by placing a ban on lead in children’s products. It will also severely restrict the amount of lead in paint.

Recalls will be more effective as product identification will be easier under requirements for labeling. Parents will be able to check the product identification marking and determine if the product they have is part of a recall.

We authorize more resources for the CPSC’s lab and for additional personnel to grow the Commission at a reasonable rate. There are a number of other good provisions including prohibiting the resale of recalled products. I think this is a good bill that the Committee can improve further as it moves through Committee.