Today, while President Bush participated in a private fundraiser in my home state, I was proud to have stood just several miles away, in Philadelphia, with four of my Pennsylvania congressional colleagues, dozens of young children, doctors, and children’s advocates to call on the President to sign into law the revamped SCHIP bill when it reaches his desk.

During its 10 year existence nationally, SCHIP has been one the greatest success stories in American healthcare -- a true public-private partnership. Across the country, SCHIP has insured 6 million kids -- children from working families who, while not poor, cannot afford to purchase health insurance on the private market. And that is why public and private leaders of all political stripes and around the country have called for SCHIP to be renewed.

Congress and eight in ten Americans agree - covering kids is the right thing to do. Only one man is standing in the way of extending access to quality health care to these children: President George W. Bush.

Blinded by the false ideology that government is the enemy even when it works, the President has up to this point made the callous choice to block health coverage for children.

Mr. President, do the right thing for America’s kids -- put down your veto pen and sign SCHIP into law.

10 million American kids and their families will be watching to see what you do.