I was very pleased with debate, particularly the second half. Senator Thompson really got comfortable about midway through the debate. He has a commanding presence and was the funniest one on stage. His position between Governor Romney and Mayor Giuliani was particularly good for Fred because his strength and his humor gave him a strongest presence among the three.

I was please with the way he closed the debate and think that is what people will remember the most. He was very comfortable in his own skin, especially in the second half. I don't know if he was necessarily comfortable starting out the debate, after all the hoopla of him finally participating, but he sure finished on a very strong note.

I think people connect with him. They like him. The contrast between Thompson and Governor Romney and Mayor Giuliani helped that aspect because he looks so strong and resolute and I'm not sure that they always do. I'm excited about every day that goes forward because Fred is drawing more and more Republicans to him, particularly when he appears with the other candidates.

Definition will take place in this race between now and Thanksgiving. By the time we get to January, Fred Thompson is going to be one of the top two in this race looking to run against Hillary Clinton.