President Bush has threatened to veto legislation that would provide health insurance for millions of children currently without coverage.  What a disgrace.

About 6.6 million kids nationwide, and some 3,000 in Vermont, are now covered by the Children’s Health Insurance Program.  The law that created the program is about to expire. As Senate and House negotiators were working on an agreement on legislation to extend the program, the President issued his veto threat. Instead of providing health insurance for all children, Bush wants to take coverage away from more than 2,000 kids in Vermont and more than 4 million nationwide.

He ought to be ashamed. It’s a disgrace that in the richest nation on the planet, more than nine million children are uninsured. If Bush wants a fight, so be it. If he wants to take sides with private insurance companies instead of children, so be it. This is a fight we can win and must win.