I salute the hundreds and thousands of students who came from all around the country, but especially from the colleges and universities in the Atlanta area, who are moved to action in the Jena 6 case. It is important for the young people of this generation to stand up, speak out, and move their feet when they witness a miscarriage of justice.

There have been several cases that have caused them concern. Mychal Bell’s case is too similar to what is happening in the Genarlow Wilson case and to what happened in the Marcus Dixon case. And there are questions about the shooting of Sean Bell by police in New York City. Due to these and other instances, some people have decided that they must use extra-legal means, such as peaceful, non-violent protest, to demonstrate a wrong that is occurring in our society. I encourage students and others to continue to use their voices and take non-violent action to highlight injustice in America.