As keepers of the American dream, it is incumbent upon us to revitalize the movement to secure liberty and justice for all of God’s children. The Jena Six: Bryant Purvis, Jesse Beard, Carwin Jones, Mychal Bell, Theodore Shaw and Robert Bailey, are all our children. Every American should be deeply disturbed by the blatant racism and bias that governed this case and marred the lives of these six young men. The Congressional Black Caucus will continue to stand and pledge our support to these young men and their families.

It is painfully ironic for this tragedy to be acted out in the theatre of Louisiana, where a broad cross section of Americans, from all walks of life, have pledged their support to rebuild this region, following the devastation of Hurricane Katrina. Yet, Louisiana is allowing prosecutorial prejudice to trump constitutional rights. The CBC will work with the attorneys and the Louisiana justice system to assure a fair conclusion for all six young men.

We must continue to demand ‘one set of rules’ and fairness from the classroom to the courtroom. Mychal Bell should be released immediately and justice should prevail in the town of Jena. The residents of Jena, Louisiana must take responsibility for this national disgrace and work to heal the racial breach.

The Congressional Black Caucus, 43 Members from 21 states representing over 40 million Americans, of all racial and ethic backgrounds, believe America will prosper when we atone and learn to leverage our differences to build stronger families, communities and country.