At the hearing on September 10, General Petraeus and Ambassador Crocker's statements advocated continuation of the Administration's current policy. Congress and the American people want more, after four years, than the same solutions that haven't worked.

Despite their efforts, and relentless work by our military, the overall picture in Iraq remains one of instability and of a government not willing to make the necessary political sacrifices to move its country forward.  For more than four years, the Administration has had the flexibility to conduct this war as it has seen fit, and I have continued to support funding to ensure our troops have the equipment and resources necessary to carry out their mission. But through no fault of their own, they are carrying out a flawed mission and receiving inconsistent help, at best, from Iraqi security forces.  Despite Administration statements otherwise, it seems the empirical evidence, and what we read and hear in the news, point toward a cycle of continued violence and sectarian fighting in Iraq.

I understand some progress is being made, but it does not appear to be widespread, and there are many accounts of other areas, which appeared stable two or three years ago, backsliding now into violence and instability.