Yesterday’s testimony from General Petraeus and Ambassador Crocker reconfirmed that it is time for a change and a new direction in the Bush Administration’s policy toward Iraq. While few successes have been made, they are small in comparison to what the people of the United States and our troops are sacrificing.

Furthermore, President Bush made it clear that his purpose for implementing the troop surge was to provide the Iraqi government with the "breathing room" it needed to make progress within its own government. Well, where is that progress? The Iraqi government has overwhelmingly failed to create jobs, generate electricity, rebuild its roads, schools, hospitals, and sewer systems -- instead, waiting for the U.S. to do it for them. And on top of their lack of progress, the Iraqi government actually had the audacity to take a month long vacation this summer!

The United States military is engaged in the middle of a religious bloodbath, with little end in sight. It’s time to implement a safe, responsible strategic withdrawl of our troops from Iraq, and focus on the real threats of terrorism, in particular in areas where al Qaeda is prevalent.