General David Petraeus and Ambassador to Iraq Ryan Crocker gave their unvarnished assessment of the situation in Iraq today.  It is clear that progress is being made on the ground because of the bravery and heroism of our troops.  The results are unquestionable to any independent-minded member of Congress who heard the testimony.

General Petraeus has outlined a framework for a bi-partisan consensus on the way forward and I stand with our military leaders and our brave American troops in theater.  I also agree with General Petraeus's recommendation of a drawdown of the surge forces in Iraq beginning later this year, continuing through the first part of 2008 until we reach the pre-surge level of combat teams by next July.

It is my pledge to seek such a bi-partisan consensus and my fervent hope that this can be achieved in the coming weeks and months.  Our troops serving so valiantly in harms way deserve no less than our best effort.