We’re living in a time of great turmoil in the affairs of this country, and it means a time of great opportunity, and I’m happy to be a part of Congress; Congress is using its inherent power, authority, and responsibility to provide oversight to the foreign affairs as practiced by the executive branch insofar as this war in Iraq is concerned.

The GAO report that talks about the benchmarks that the president proposed for the Iraqi government to meet shows that they’ve made progress woefully inadequately, and that their success is not good. I think they’ve achieved three of 18 benchmarks in totality, and that’s not a great record. It was said that the Republicans would look at the reports -- Gen. Petraeus’ report and all other reports -- in September to determine whether or not a new direction was needed.

We’re now into September. The month will be over with rather quickly; the reports are here -- the first one, the GAO is here. It's rather damning, and it’s a bipartisan organization. Next we’ll get Gen. Petraeus’ report.

I think the American people have listened to reports for the last four years and some odd months, and they’re ready for us to begin to bring our soldiers home as quickly and as efficiently as possible. And so regardless of what these reports show, the will of the American people is paramount now, and I think we must take that into consideration as we do our business on the Hill.