I am appalled that American children continue to be threatened by toys with well-known hazards.  We have known for decades that exposure to lead paint can impair brain development in young children.  We also know from recent tragedies that toys with loose magnets, when swallowed, can maim or kill small children.

This morning’s latest CPSC recall announcement concerning children’s toys demonstrates that much remains to be done.  We must rid the Nation’s stores of dangerous products.  When, despite our best efforts, these products show up in our stores, we must be able to tell parents about them as quickly as possible, so they can take them away from their children.

My subcommittee plans to hold another hearing on this matter in September to continue in the work already begun earlier this year on dangerous children’s products.  I remain determined to protect American children from dangerous toys.

Rep. Rush is chairman of the Energy and Commerce Subcommittee on Commerce, Trade, and Consumer Protection