Once again, the partisan ways of the House Majority have prevailed to narrowly pass the CHAMP Act, taking a major step toward government-run, socialized health care. I strongly support the SCHIP program and covering low-income children, but there is no limit to the fiscal irresponsibility of this bill.

Not only does it cut Medicare for seniors by billions of dollars, but it actually eliminates income eligibility restrictions for free health care. Over 5,000 of my constituents, over 350,000 Texans, and 8.3 million seniors nationwide will be pushed off of Medicare Advantage plans in favor of other Democrat priorities. The proposal offered by Republicans enrolls just as many low-income children as the Democratic bill, but in a fiscally responsible way by offering low-cost plans that protect both our children and our seniors. The new coverage requirements on the states mean that it will cost more money than ever to cover a child in SCHIP.

The Democrat proposal would make SCHIP a permanent entitlement program by reauthorizing it indefinitely. It is currently estimated that this plan will cost a breathtaking $160 billion over the next ten years. I simply cannot support a permanent, unregulated expansion of federal entitlement programs, especially ones that are placed directly on the backs of our senior citizens.