The U.S. House has passed a Farm Bill that gives family farmers the support they need and invests in our nation’s priorities. Our bill will make rural America stronger, move our nation towards energy independence and help end hunger in our country.

This bill further enhances rural programs and tailors them to the new needs of rural America in two specific areas: 1) better access to technology and 2) better targeting of help to our rural entrepreneurs.  The new Rural Entrepreneur and Micro-enterprise Assistance program will reach some of our most important businesses; those small companies employing 10 people or less.  These companies are the biggest drivers of economic development in rural America but often cannot secure the funding needed to grow their businesses.

The Rural Broadband Loan Program and the Community Connect grant program are two extremely important pieces for North Carolina and many other small communities across the country.  Having access to high-speed Internet can often mean the difference in the success of rural businesses.  The broadband loan program provides incentives for companies to build out to our most rural areas and bring quality, high-speed Internet connections to businesses, schools, and families.  This is a win-win for citizens and communities.