The 2007 Farm Bill (H.R.2419) provides for a record level of federal funds for the Chesapeake Bay. This landmark effort represents a major new chapter in the Chesapeake Bay clean-up effort. I will continue to work with my colleagues to ensure that this legislation passes the Congress and is signed into law so that we can provide critical funds to the farmers in the Chesapeake Bay region to support their conservation efforts and help clean up the Bay.

The scientists have told us that the health of the Chesapeake Bay is in grave danger unless we take action now. Almost 50% of the excessive nutrient pollution comes from the runoff from farm operations. Our farmers want to be part of the solution to this problem but they need technical and financial assistance to do so. This bill provides farmers on the more than 66,000 farms in the Chesapeake Bay Watershed with the tools they need to help protect the Chesapeake Bay. It represents a historic leap in federal support for our efforts to protect this national, natural treasure, the Chesapeake Bay.