I thought the reason we were elected to Congress was to fight for and defend our constituents.  That is exactly what I did today when I spoke in opposition to the Garrett amendment.  The Alaska Native Equity Act is an authorized program already vetted by the appropriate authorizing committees and enacted by Congress.  This program was enacted to make up for the fact that no BIA education funds go to Alaska because it does not have BIA schools in the state.

These funds are necessary to help raise educational standards for Alaska Natives whose overall education performance is dismal owing to lack of resources.  And the programs are starting to make a difference.  Alaska Native student achievement has increased and their dropout rates have declined over the last decade.  Eliminating these funds would be devastating to these students.  As the sole representative for Alaska, it is my responsibility to stand up for "my Alaskans" and the funding they are entitled to.  I use the term "my"