It is another day in Washington and for many of my colleagues across the aisle that means it is yet another day to increase spending and the power of the federal government.

Over the past several weeks the House has passed seven of twelve spending bills, all of which exceed the President's budget by billions of dollars. All in all these bloated spending bills will increase government spending by $81.4 billion more than needed. These increases could very well drive up the deficit, increase taxes and ultimately cripple America's surging economy.

Yesterday we witnessed our robust economy in motion when we witnessed the Dow Jones rise above the 14,000 mark. We are seeing the benefits of the pro-growth Republican policies put in place over the past twelve years. Americans are happy with the economy, and rightly so. We are experiencing new jobs, low unemployment, a booming stock market and higher tax receipts. Hard working American families are feeling the benefits of a sustained economy where it counts the most-in their wallets, and yet, despite the progress, despite the low unemployment, despite the obvious success of the economy, Democrats still insist on reaching deeper and deeper into the pockets of American taxpayers. This isn't the type of policy my constituents sent me to Washington to support. As a common sense Texan, I will continue to fight alongside my Republican colleagues and insist on fiscal responsibility on behalf of the American taxpayers.