At midnight tonight, President Bush's fast-track authority -- where Members of Congress are forbidden from offering any amendments to trade agreements -- will expire.

Good riddance.

I cannot in good conscience cede complete trade negotiating authority to an executive unwilling to enforce labor or environmental rights abroad.

It is time for Congress to once again reclaim its constitutional authority in the trade debate.

In my district in west-central Illinois, fast-track has ushered in trade policies that have eroded the very backbone of our local economy-its manufacturing base.

The expiration of President Bush's fast-track authority is by no means a cure for the unfair trade agreements that have passed or the ones we will soon consider.

Lost jobs won't magically return.

But this is an opportunity for Congress to forge a new direction on trade-one that benefits American workers and businesses.

As fast track expires, we must redouble our efforts to see that future trade policies are both free and fair. I am committed to that end.