Today’s Senate vote on immigration reform was a vote against America’s character, values, and best interests.  The vote reaffirms that Senate Republicans are deeply out of touch with the American majority.  They have failed their own principles, immigrants, and the country as whole.

We know that creating a comprehensive solution to our broken immigration system is hard work.  But the choice by Senate Republicans to do nothing inflicts a much greater cost on America.  This Republican minority is set upon passing restrictionist measures that offer no solutions and divide America.  They have abandoned their responsibility to the American people, and they have sent immigrants an unmistakable message: you are not welcome in our big tent.

We will not forget.  The price of the Bush Administration and Senate’s failure means more people dying in the desert.  It means more workplace raids and families separated.  It means that wages and benefits will continue to decline as bottom feeding employers use immigration status as a tool to increase profits.  It means more public anger, and it means more punitive state and local laws that target immigrants.

Our leaders have the potential to restore the rule of law, improve our security, protect our workers, strengthen our economy, and bring us back in line with our most cherished values. It may take longer than anyone would want, but whether it’s tomorrow, next week, or next year, we will not give up until our leaders fix this broken immigration system once and for all.