Today our Senators hold the future of millions of immigrants and citizens in their hands. The choices they make will impact everyone in this country. For many, their vote will decide the future.

Few know this better than the 100 “Dreamers

• The price of failure will be hundreds more people dying in the desert.

• The price of failure will be more work place raids and families separated.

• The price of failure will be that wages and benefits continue to decline as bottom feeding employers use immigration status as a tool to increase profits.

• The price of failure will be more public anger and more states and cities that pass punitive laws that target immigrants.

• The price of failure will be more money thrown at the border to stop farm workers, nannies, and janitors from coming to America to support their families and to contribute to building this country.

Continuing with the status quo is unacceptable. We are asking our leaders to uphold this nation's ideals of basic fairness, humanity, opportunity for all, and equal treatment under the law.

It’s time for the Senate to step up to the plate and move the immigration bill forward.

To do otherwise is an abdication of their responsibilities to the American people.

We must not waste a golden opportunity to fix this broken system. Immigrants, America, and history are watching