It's about time we put our money where our mouth is.

The FY 2008 Homeland Security Appropriations bill that passed last week makes border security a top priority, provides additional border patrol agents for the country, gives first responders additional training and equipment, improves aviation and port security, and includes strong accountability measures in order to ensure that taxpayer dollars are being well spent.

I am proud to support this bill because it helps prioritize spending in order to alleviate the country's real national security concerns.

I believe that Congress has a responsibility to help protect our communities from harm, which is why I am proud to support legislation that invests in security and includes strong accountability measures.  We must make border security a top priority and give first responders the tools and resources they need.  For too long now, the Bush Administration has had the wrong priorities when it comes to spending.  The Democratic Congress is committed to righting the Republicans' wrongs and restoring the trust of the American people by making sure their tax dollars are well-spent.

This legislation also includes strong oversight provisions to ensure the careful spending of taxpayers' dollars by the Department of Homeland Security and eliminates wasteful no-bid contracts.