We must do everything in our power to create solutions to find relief for the problems that plague our constituents.  We must fight.  We must work creatively.  We must open doors and explore new avenues.  And we must do everything in our power to relieve suffering, to bring relief, to create opportunity and to enhance lives.  Last week, the House committed itself to continuing this mission by doing everything that we possibly can to relieve the suffering of the people of Ohio's 13th Congressional District, and of the citizens of every district across our nation.

If we do not change our policies soon, we will continue to drive this cutting edge research overseas.  Just this week, newspapers reported that British scientists are embarking on research that could deliver the world's first stem cell treatment for blindness within the next five years.  The four million pounds that were donated to the project came from an anonymous American philanthropist.  We cannot continue to lose the faith and support of our own citizens by driving this research to foreign nations.  We cannot afford to be a hostile environment for scientific research and development.

By passing this important legislation last week, our researchers will no longer have to fight with one hand tied behind their backs.  I believe that I have a duty to my constituents to do everything in my power to make their lives better, to relieve their suffering and to use our government and its resources to heal, help and explore.