Two weeks ago, I voted on two amendments to the FY 2007 Iraq War Supplemental Bill passed in the Senate, H.R. 2206.  I opposed the provisions which would continue war funding without a timeline for redeployment for U.S troops.  Now, there can be no doubt that the Democratic Members of Congress believe it is time to bring our troops home and develop new strategy in Iraq, however, I do not support an open-ended commitment for a military occupation in Iraq.

We must end the President's "stay the course approach."  It is the responsibility of Congress to serve as the balance against abuses of power and poor decision-making by the President.  The American people deserve better.

Our service men and women have performed bravely in Iraq, and we are deeply grateful for their sacrifice and unflagging commitment.  However, contrary to the President's beliefs, progress is not being made.  In fact, recent months have been the deadliest on record this year for US troops.  The time for accountability is now.  Every day we wait is another life lost.

We should emphasize diplomacy while encouraging Iraqis to assume responsibility for their own democracy, and continue to provide humanitarian reconstruction assistance.  The American people have demanded we change policy immediately and focus on bringing our troops home, and Democrats are committed to forging a new direction in Iraq.