I would often introduce Craig at speaking engagements as "the Cowboy from Wyoming." He would stand with a big smile on his face because he viewed that as a statement of respect. We Westerners who work closely together on issues that are uniquely Western appreciate and understand that.

He could be tough in his position. He knew exactly where he was on almost all issues, and he very seldom gave ground. But he would give ground when he knew it would bring the issue to resolution. That's the art of a talented policy-maker, and Craig Thomas, representing his State of Wyoming and the nation, was truly that.

His life is taken from us and from the citizens of his State and from his family at a time when Craig Thomas was serving his State and his nation well. Again, to his wife and children, we're going to miss Craig a great deal here in the Senate, and I personally, as a friend, will miss Craig Thomas.