Be afraid—be very afraid—of Real ID. Many Americans already are. A new poll states that most Americans think a national driver's license set up like the Real ID Act would “cause more harm than good.

Members of Congress need to listen to the people who put them there. Real ID is a real nightmare. It would require everyone to get a national driver's license containing our private information, likely including fingerprints or even DNA samples. Once that information is put into a national database, we’d just be twiddling our thumbs while our information is available for the taking, with Real ID as a one-stop shop for identity thieves.

It's science fiction without the fiction. Dozens of databases like Real ID’s are hacked into everyday. And if you think the DMV is bad now, just wait until every single American is required to get in line for a Real ID. That line will have a $23 billion price tag. Even DHS itself has said that the program won’t work.

Sens. Akaka (D-Hawaii), Sununu (R-N.H.), Leahy (D-Vt.) and Tester (D-Mont.) have written a bill that would let states opt-in to Real ID but not make it a requirement. Their bill would also get rid of a lot of the act’s worst privacy problems. Rep. Tom Allen (D-Maine.) and 25 co-sponsors in the House have introduced a bill that would also put an end to Real ID. Listen to the voters, Congress: Get rid of Real ID and start finding real solutions to real problems.