For several years, I have heard reports from active duty troops and military experts that Dragon Skin body armor is more effective than that currently being used. We owe it to those who are in harm’s way to examine conclusively whether this is true.

This is a pretty simple issue. We want our military men and women to have the best protection possible, and the way to determine what in fact is the best protection is to conduct an independent test. For that reason, Senator Clinton (D-N.Y.) and I have asked for a GAO review.

The GAO review should include a comparison of the Interceptor Body Armor system with other commercially available products, including the Pinnacle Dragon Skin Body Armor system. It should also look into the procurement steps required to obtain and field the best body armor systems. Finally, it should confirm the applicability of current body armor policies that apply to conventional forces and special operations forces in Iraq and Afghanistan.

I am not saying that Dragon Skin is the right way to go. But we should examine conclusively whether our troops have the best body armor possible. Dragon Skin merits another objective, comprehensive, and scientific test by a competent and official government testing agency.

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