I was pleased that the House of Representatives moved to protect American jobs from unfair competition and our roadways from unnecessary hazards by passing H.R. 1773, the Safe American Roads Act of 2007.  This legislation will prohibit the U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) from granting authority for Mexico-domiciled trucks to operate beyond a commercial zone near the border until the U.S. DOT complies with all safety and security requirements prescribed by Congress.

The Safe American Roads Act will go a long ways towards ensuring that Mexico-domiciled trucks, trucking companies and drivers are held to the same standards as their American counterparts.  Questions regarding safety, security and economic risks involved with opening our roads to Mexico-domiciled trucks must be answered before our government moves forward with the DOT proposed program.  I cosponsored the bill because of the gravity of these questions.

This is much-needed legislation for Illinois' 6th Congressional District, which is so heavily trafficked by the trucking industry.  Indeed, so many Americans rely on a safe and sound trucking industry; manufacturers and businesses need a dynamic transportation system to serve the economy, and most importantly, families across the country share these roadways with truckers.  Our economy thrives on healthy competition, but we should not sacrifice the jobs of truckers here at home for those of Mexico-domiciled trucks that compete on an uneven playing field by cutting costs on safety measures.   All security concerns must be completely and appropriately addressed before expanding access to U.S. highways, which is why this legislation is such a helpful step forward in protecting American jobs and roadways.