As the demand for quality health care grows, it is critical that we get the best value for our healthcare dollar.  The legislation I introduced this week with Rep. Emerson (R-Mo.) authorizes new research needed to provide doctors and their patients with valid, evidence-based information on how treatments for particular medical conditions compare to one another. This information will enable doctors and their patients to make informed decisions about whether new or high priced drugs, devices, and other medical treatments do or do not provide better clinical outcomes.

Our bill, H.R. 2184, The Enhanced Health Care Value for All Act of 2007, authorizes $3 billion for research by the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ). Recognizing that better clinical information on health care products and services is a public good, the legislation sets up a public-private funding structure which will receive federal funding as well as funding from health insurance plans and large employers with self-insured plans.