Once again, the Democrats are ignoring their promises—promises to enact 9/11 Commission recommendations and to work in a bipartisan fashion. Honestly, I’m not sure what my Democrat colleagues think they will accomplish by eliminating funding that protects high risk sites like airports and nuclear power plants.  But they have gutted an otherwise good bill by stripping out vital security measures, such as funding for screening of employees at high risk sites.

This week’s recent successes, such as authorities foiling the plans of extremists plotting to attack a New Jersey military base, are the result of homeland security programs at work.  Eliminating or gutting dozens of programs does nothing to ensure future success on this front.

How are supposed to take Democrats at their word?  In their campaigns they promised to strengthen American security and enact the 9/11 Commission recommendations.  But they ignored those promises with this legislation.  The Democrats have concocted nothing more than a feeble attempt to look strong on security and tough on terror—all without a stitch of strength or toughness.