Yesterday, it was revealed that several individuals operating out of the Philadelphia area had plotted to attack key installations in the northeast, including Dover Air Force Base in Dover.  While the tremendous work of our law enforcement community prevented these attacks from taking place, this case serves as a clear reminder that terrorists are intent on attacking us wherever we are vulnerable.

One of our greatest vulnerabilities remains our mass transit systems, which move millions of people every year.  In fact, terrorists are increasingly targeting rail and transit systems throughout the world - and the recent bombings in India, London, and Madrid are clear evidence of this dangerous trend.  While the concept of "rail security" is relatively new here at home, security officials in Europe and Asia have decades of experience with terrorist attacks and I have long believed in the importance of leveraging this experience to improve our own system.  My amendment will make certain that we are knowledgeable and consider all available options when it comes to ensuring the safety and security of our own rail system.