Few of us would disagree that there is hardly a subject more crucial, not only to the American people, but to all of humanity, than the threat of the kind of terrorism so hideously manifested on 9/11. Since then, reactions by Congress and the American people have ranged from a casual dismissal of the threat of jihadist terrorism, to the realization that it is in fact one of the gravest threats that has ever confronted the free world.

In times such as these, it is astonishing that PBS has chosen to censure a film that so articulately showcases the clear and unwavering message emanating from radical Islamists by contrasting it to the dissenting views of Muslim counterparts who desire to embrace Western democracy and live peacefully beside people who adhere to different religions. Many non-Muslims have decried the threat of Islamists who utilize violence, suppression, and terror in the garb of religious faith; but perhaps the most compelling among these voices are those of peace-loving Muslims, who are choosing to speak out publicly against those who commandeer their faith and commit atrocities in the name of Islam.

I, along with several other Members of Congress, will be sending a letter to PBS expressing our strong belief that this film - produced and created at the expense of American taxpayers - should be aired and viewed by the general public at the soonest opportunity.