Earlier today, I spoke in support of H.Res. 125, a resolution denouncing Hezbollah for employing the deplorable tactic of using civilians as human shields during the fighting that occurred after the terrorist group's unprovoked attack on Israel last summer. Hezbollah's actions brought war and destruction upon innocent Lebanese and Israelis and, as I have said before, Hezbollah is a cancer on Lebanon.

The use of human shields in the Middle East is, unfortunately, much more pervasive than efforts to curb and combat their use. On this point, I would like to give credit where credit is due.

The Israeli Supreme Court banned the use of human shields in 2005, Israeli human rights groups have worked diligently to highlight abuses and work for change, and just this month the Israeli Army suspended a commander after video evidence of Palestinian youths being used as human shields was broadcast by the world press.

Here is a link to my website where I have posted links to video evidence of human shields and stories that cover both abuses and efforts to hold those responsible accountable.

Video footage of two Palestinian youths used as human shields this month.