On Earth Day, we must rededicate ourselves to addressing global warming and making America more energy independent.  We owe it to future generations to act now.  Investing in alternative energy sources and ending our addiction on foreign oil will be good for our environment, our health, our economy, and our national security.

The science is clear -- global warming exists, and we have caused it.  Now, Congress is stepping up and taking the lead on addressing global climate change.   By setting specific and achievable targets, we can significantly reduce our greenhouse gas emissions.   As the largest contributor of greenhouse gas emissions to date, the U.S. must lead by example, and reduce our carbon emissions.

In February, the world's top climate scientists on the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change put out a report that concluded that global warming is 'unequivocal' and that human activity is the primary cause.  As a result, the House of Representatives has already taken key steps.  In the first 100 hours of the 110th Congress, the House passed a bill that repeals $14 billion in subsidies given to Big Oil companies and shifts resources to investments in alternative energy.  The House passed a budget that places a priority on curbing global warming and assuring that America becomes more energy independent.  The House also created a Select Committee on Energy Independence and Global warming to develop policy initiatives, inform Congress and the public, and ensure progress over the next two years.

Here in the House, we are also launching a "Green the Capitol" initiative that will make the Congress a national leader for environmental stewardship and sustainable energy use.

By doing a few simple things such as driving less, recycling, checking your tires, changing a light, planting a tree, turning off electronic devices, and even using less hot water, each person can help curb global warming. It is our duty to save our planet for future generations and every little bit counts.

Through a commitment from the American people and the work of the Congress, we are moving in a new direction to permanently address global warming and make our nation energy independent.