I applaud President Bush for traveling to Arizona to discuss the urgent need to fix our broken immigration system.  Last year, we passed a tough but fair reform plan in the Senate with the support of the President, Republicans and Democrats, labor and business, religious leaders and governors such as Governor Napolitano (D-Ariz.) who best understand what it will take to solve this crisis.  The American people are demanding a solution, and Democrats are determined to get the job done this year.

I differ with the President on many matters, but we agree that strong and fair immigration reform is a top priority for the country and a defining issue for our nation.  Democrats stand with the American people in demanding comprehensive reform, but it is possible only with strong Republican support.  Only a bipartisan bill will actually become law.  Only a bill that strikes a fair balance between enforcement, security and a path to earned citizenship will strengthen our borders by bringing people out of the shadows and into the sunshine of America.  Americans have waited long enough for immigration reform; the time is right and the time is now.