This week, I had the opportunity to visit RJ's Meats in Hudson, WI. Run by a husband and wife team, RJ's has won many state and national awards over the years for their fine sausages, including five blue ribbons at last year's Wisconsin State Fair. Despite the fact that they can sell their produces anywhere in Wisconsin, they would be violating federal law if they tried to sell bratwursts twenty miles away in Minneapolis, Minnesota. This is because outdated federal law restricts state-inspected meat processors from shipping across state lines. In fact, current federal law allows 23 foreign countries to ship their meat products anywhere in the United States, but 2,000 small American businesses like RJ's cannot. I do not understand why we would trust meat products from Honduras or Romania, but not from our own states.

To rectify this inequality, I introduced the Expanding Markets for Small Meat Processors Act. This legislation removes interstate shipment ban, allowing small state-inspected meat processors to sell anywhere in the United States. In doing so, these hardworking small businesses will be able to grow and expand to their full potential, taking advantage of internet sales and other niche markets. Hopefully, the people of Minneapolis will be able to enjoy fine Wisconsin bratwursts in the near future.