House Republicans will continue to hold Democrats accountable for their "pork and retreat" bill, which handcuffs our generals and ties troop funding to arbitrary restrictions and billions in unrelated spending. Our soldiers need a clean troop funding bill and they need it now - the longer we wait the more costly the delay for our troops in harm's way. If Democrats insist on sending the White House this bloated and dangerous war spending measure, House Republicans have pledged to sustain the President's veto.

Even the leader of the bipartisan American Legion has criticized the 'pork and retreat' bill. "I don't understand what is so hard about passing a clean bill for the good of our troops," National Commander Paul A. Morin said. "What's good for the troops is NOT setting timelines. What's good for the troops is giving them the funding they need immediately. What's good for the troops is supporting our troops through action not words. What's good for the troops is letting the real generals run the war. Like the House, the Senate has filled this emergency supplemental with non-emergency pet pork projects."

It's time to do the right thing. A clean troop funding bill would cut out extraneous and unnecessary spending, and cut the strings that undermine our generals and commanders. Further delay is, in and of itself, just another "slow bleed" strategy to force an American retreat.