Yesterday, I voted against Democrat FY2008 Budget which contains the largest tax hike in American history.  This budget runs counter to the policies which have contributed to the progress our economy has made as a result of the tax relief I supported in 2001 and 2003.  It is a real shame that Democrats have chosen to fund their reckless spending new priorities on the backs of every hard working American.  I told my constituents last year that I would not support ending the tax cuts and unlike some in the new majority party, I kept my word.

Since 2003 when the tax cuts which President Bush requested and the Republican Congress provided became effective, our nation has added 7.6 million new jobs and unemployment has fallen to near historic lows of 4.5%.  Our economy avoided a lengthy recession in part because of these tax cuts.  With the cost of living rising, ending the tax cuts now will take money from every American to fund Congress' pet projects.

115 million taxpayers will see their taxes increase on average by $1,795 in 2011 as a result of the Democratic tax hike.  Every advance we made as a result of the 2001 and 2003 tax cuts including the doubling of the child tax credit to $1,000, reducing the marriage penalty and the lowering of every single tax rate will come to an end as a result of the Democrat Budget.

Just three months into the 110th Congress, Democrat leaders are showing a very low regard for fiscal restraint.  Democrats have been adding massive amounts of extra pork to spending bills such as a $45 million Tropical Rain Forest in Iowa, $120 for shrimp fisherman and $74 million for peanut storage.  The $400 billion tax increase may help Democrats fund many more pet projects but it is not right for my constituents and it is not fair for America.