When the Democrats took the gavel in January they wasted no time in ushering in a new era of government expansion and fiscal irresponsibility. They promised more spending and more taxing and now they've delivered with their budget resolution.

At $2.9 trillion, the Democrats' budget is the largest in American history. And by letting the critical tax cuts of 2001 and 2003 expire, they are also imposing the largest tax hike in American history despite the fact that those tax cuts have grown our economy and created over 7.6 million new jobs for Americans.

What's more, the Democrats' proposal offers no real fix for the looming alternative minimum tax crisis, which is catching more and more middle-class Americans every year because it is not indexed for inflation.

The Democrats' reckless tax and spend budget is a one-two punch that will knock out America's economy and hard-working taxpayers everywhere.