I support the right of workers to organize as they see fit and have always supported collective bargaining rights.  For more than 70 years, Americans have unionized to fight for improved pay, better working conditions, and better overall treatment at the workplace.

But most importantly, I support the right of workers to choose whether they want to unionize in a fair, anonymous way free from intimidation and exploitation.  I want workers to base their choice on their personal views not under the coercion of either their employer or a union organizer.

Unfortunately, the “Employee Free Choice Act

Imagine if someone stood over you while you cast a vote in an election and pressured you to vote for a certain candidate.  Eliminating the secret ballot does nothing to protect free choice.  Instead it allows for forced choice.

H.R. 800 forces the National Labor Relations Board (NRLB) to certify a union if the majority of workers sign a check card, eliminating the need for a secret ballot.  In this case, the potential exists for pro-union organizers to strong-arm workers into signing these cards.

It’s the same reason we don’t have a card check system to elect our federal, state, and local leaders.  A secret ballot is a God-given, American right.

These card check votes may not even reflect the true intent of the employees.  In testimony earlier this month before a House labor subcommittee, one worker testified her co-workers often signed the card just to get the organizers out of their hair.  She also said she voted against unionization in the card check, and her work life became “miserable